I’m pleased to announce the release of my debut album, THePETEBOX – Future Loops. This site is the online hub for the album and will contain info about when and how the singles and album will be released. Watch the video below for a synopsis about the album concept:

Future Loops is a live, studio album – each track is performed, mixed, effected and recorded live in a studio environment to a stereo mix. This process is filmed, creating a live performance video of the recording themselves.

Each video will be released on youtube. With each video release the audio mp3 download will be made available to purchase as a single. At the release of the last video, the full physical album will be released as a CD/DVD package as well as the digital audio and video download options.

The CD will contain bonus tracks and the DVD will contain extra material including a documentary on the record making process.

Click here for more information on how I'm releasing the album. Keep checking back for release dates and I hope you all enjoy – Future Loops!

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